Alpha Dog

As a criminal on death row you can choose... Die quietly or die in the Alpha Dog dungeon! Play this procedural arena shooter now on PC or Mac!

Ninja Leap

How high can YOUR ninja leap? Choose your ninja and see if you can beat the highest local and online scores in this fun, kid friendly platform jumping game, available for iOS, Android and PC.
Game Title Banner PixobanGame Title Banner Pixoban

Pixoban Redux

Pixo has been abducted by dirty aliens! Can you help him tidy up their ship and get free? This is a cute and kid friendly puzzle game featuring 252 mind-bending box-pushing puzzles, aliens and HATS! Available for iOS, Android and PC.
Game Title Banner MeshGame Title Banner Mesh


Mesh is a frenzied neon arcade game where quick fingers are needed to score points and combos as you try to beat your previous high scores! The game features progressive gameplay, online and local highscores, and amazing music from Kubbi! Available for iOS, Android and PC.
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Hello, and welcome to the new Nocturne Games website! At long last I have ditched my old, broken site in favour of this shiney new one. It had to happen one day, and the previous site that I had was outdated and not very mobile friendly (which is a must these days). This site should be fully responsive and it's designed to permit me to add posts and content in a much easier way than before...