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This page lists all of the assets I have up on the YoYo Games Marketplace. Each asset has been carefully created to make them as easy to use as possible, and also to make them a great learning resource due to the clear and heavily commented code used throughout.

GameMaker Asset Banner Aura 2

Aura 2
Aura 2 is a lightweight and powerful lighting engine for your games. It’s easy to use and offers a no-fuss solution to the problem of creating lights/shadows in GameMaker Studio 2.
GameMaker Asset Banner Aura 1.4

Aura 1
Aura is a lightweight and powerful lighting engine for your games. It’s easy to use and offers a no-fuss solution to the problem of creating lights/shadows in GameMaker: Studio 1.4.
GameMaker Asset Banner Room Generation

Procedural Room Generation
This asset gives you the tools to create a procedurally generated dungeon or maze based on a single resource tree room (which is reused) and a ds-grid room “map” of data.
GameMaker Asset Banner Maze Generator

Roguelike Maze Generator
This project contains a set of BSP (Binary Space Partitioning) Maze Generator scripts, which are ideal for procedural games: rogue-likes, adventures, or even Spelunky-style platformers.
GameMaker Asset Banner Autowall

47 Tile AutoWall
This script permits you to easily generate sequenced wall objects and have them seamlessly tile together using a 47 tile tileset or sprite (templates for tilesets are included).
GameMaker Asset Banner Shockwave

This asset provides an easy way to drop a spectacular “shockwave” effect into your game. The effect uses surfaces and primitives and can be used without any setting up or editing. GM: S 1.4 and GMS2
GameMaker Asset Banner Collision Arc

Collision Arc With Line-Of-Sight
Set of two script assets to either get a basic “collision_arc” function – similar to the GameMaker Language collision functions – or to create full blown AI vision cones. GMS2 ONLY!
GameMaker Asset Banner Screen Shake

Screen Shake
With this asset you can create dynamic custom screen shakes – with fade in/out, magnitude, type, and view options – all from a single function. Updated for GMS2 cameras!
GameMaker Asset Banner Path Based Lighting

Path Based Lightning
This asset is an easy to use path-based lightning system that uses some self-contained scripts to create fantastic and complex looking lightning, laser and beam effects.
GameMaker Asset Banner Optimise Objects

Optimise Objects
This asset demonstrates how you can cut the number of objects in a room dramatically by “merging” them together to form larger ones, and it can lower your instance count by over 50%.
GameMaker Asset Banner Laser Distortion

Laser Distortion
This set of scripts uses textured primitives and surfaces to create a distorted laser effect, giving your laser beams a greater impression of heat and power.
GameMaker Asset Banner Path Based Healthbars

Path Based Health Bars
This asset provides you with four simple yet powerful scripts to create healthbars of any shape or size using static or dynamic paths, primitives and surfaces.
GameMaker Asset Banner Swarm

This set of scripts is designed to let you create “swarms” of instances and have them behave in an appropriate manner (this is not a precise swarm simulation, but more a fast effect).
GameMaker Asset Banner Puddles

Dynamic Puddles
This FREE Desktop Only (Mac, Linux, Windows) package is for creating dynamic, spreading puddles that blend together and stay on screen.
GameMaker Asset Banner Magnify

Ultimate Magnify
Create the ultimate magnify effect in your games. With just two lines of code, you can set up and draw a magnify area anywhere in the game screen, any shape or size you require.
GameMaker Asset Banner Tile Based Fog Of War

Tile-Based Fog Of War
This small set of scripts is ideal for anyone making grid-based games that wants a light-weight, easy to use, fast, tile-based fog of war system.
GameMaker Asset Banner Advanced Targeting

Advanced Targeting System
This project contains a series of scripts designed to generate an ordered list of all designated targets within a given range, providing methods to use it in multiple ways.
GameMaker Asset Banner Flappy Engine

Flappy Engine
This is a complete engine that can be modified to create your own “flappy” game. It is simple to use, cleanly coded, and commented so that you can quickly get started modifying it for your own use.