Published Games




Here you can find a list of all the games I have currently got published on Desktop and Mobile platforms (for HTML5 Browser games, please go here).

Game Thumbnail Skein

Skein (OUT NOW!)
Enter the Skein and fight to retrieve the lost soul of the sheep you accidentally killed for food… Well, that and find lots and lots of lovely loot of course! Pc, Mac, Linux

Ninja Leap
One sunny day in the dojo, the apprentice ninja warriors decided to hold a competition to see who could leap the highest… will it be you?! Pc, Android, iOS
Game Thumbnail Mesh

Mesh is a frenzied neon arcade game where quick fingers are needed to score points and combos as you try to beat your previous high scores! Android, iOS and PC
Game Thumbnail Pixoban

Pixoban (Redux)
Pixo has been abducted by dirty aliens! Can you help him tidy up their ship and get free? PC, Android and iOS
Game Thumbnail SpaceOut

SpaceOut is an arcade game that mixes up the classics breakout and space invaders to create something new and exciting! Android only
Game Thumbnail Haxor

Travel the virtual world and hack the 100 most important mainframes to prove that you are the most l33t of all hackers! PC, Browser
Game Thumbnail Minimal

A simple game where you fight gravity and avoid obstacles to collect the most diamonds possible in the shortest time possible… PC only
Game Thumbnail BlackOut

BlackOut is a TDS stealth/horror game that takes place about 200 years in our future, when mankind has colonised half the solar system…PC only
Game Thumbnail Gauntlet

Gauntlet Revisited
This was the first game ever made by Nocturne Games and is a reimagining of a classic arcade game, with lots of action, magic, and monsters! PC only